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Your Suggestions and Ideas

Given Our Social, Economic, and Environmental Challenges,What Attitudes and Skills Could Help Us Apply More Positive, Creative, and Sustainable Strategies and Solutions? Please Leave Your Suggestions, Ideas and Comments Below…

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Successful Living Skills – Question 3

      How would you answer the following question?     Given the global, social, economic and environmental challenges, what attitudes and “Successful Living Skills” could help us apply more positive, creative, effective and sustainable problem solving approaches?​ If Life is a University for Successful Living, what are the primary Successful Living Skills you believe […]

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Million Dollars A Year – Question 2

We believe that “cause-oriented” businesses based on the 4 Ps of Purpose, People, Planet and Profits can help solve social, economic and environmental challenges.We appreciate your input and answer to the question!  ​ What GOOD Would You, Your Company or Non-profit Do With A Million Dollars a Year?Share your answer below in the Comments Box… See what […]

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Ideas for 100 Million – Question 1

We believe that we individually and collectively possess untapped inherent capacities to discover solutions to the critical challenges we face at this time. Please share your answer to the question. What Critical Problems Could We Solve Together with $100 Million?  What Critical Problems Could We Solve Together With $100 Million? Share your answer below in the […]

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We are inviting individuals and organizations interested in developing a collaborative response to the 100 million dollar MacArthur request for proposals to solve a major problem to participate in a campaign for Expanding the Circle of Success. That will include our project to establish a network of Community Economic Development Resource Centers to help introduce […]

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